University of Europe for Applied Sciences

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University of Europe for Applied Sciences

Here is the great news for all students who want to fulfill their international study dream, University of Europe (UE) has inaugurated their new campus in Dubai. There are campuses of the private University of Europe for Applied Sciences (UE) in Berlin, Hamburg, and Iserlohn, Germany and Dubai. It provides a range of graduate and undergraduate courses in subjects like digital technology, media, psychology, design, and business. UE places a strong emphasis on experiential, hands-on learning and works closely with business partners to give students access to real-world opportunities and insights. The institution combines academic knowledge with real-world experience, industry connections, and practical skills to equip students for successful careers in their chosen disciplines.

The goal of the institution is to provide students with a combination of theoretical knowledge and practical skills so they can pursue successful careers. It aims to offer a welcoming and inclusive learning atmosphere that stimulates critical thinking, creativity, and invention.


The following core values serve as the university’s compass:

Excellence is aiming for both professional and academic excellence in all that one does.

Innovation: Promoting creativity and welcoming novel concepts and technological advancements.

Diversity: Appreciating variety and encouraging inclusiveness in all facets of college life.

Cooperation: Promoting cooperation and alliances with business, government, and other academic establishments.

Integrity: Maintaining the greatest moral standards and encouraging integrity in administration, research, and teaching.

Campus Facilities

Libraries: State-of-the-art libraries equipped with extensive collections of books, journals, and digital resources.

Labs: Well-equipped labs for practical learning and research in various disciplines.

Sports Facilities: Modern sports facilities including a gymnasium, indoor and outdoor sports fields, and courts for basketball, tennis, and volleyball.

Student Housing: Comfortable and secure student housing options with various amenities and a vibrant community.

Extracurricular Activities

There are many different extracurricular activities available to students at the University of Europe for Applied Sciences. Sports, clubs, and cultural events are some of these activities that appeal to a range of passions and interests.

Clubs:  A wide range of clubs are available for students to join at the university. These clubs give students a place to explore their interests, meet people who share their interests, and learn new skills. Among the most well-liked clubs are those for discussion, music, photography, and business.

Events: To make the university experience even better, it hosts a number of activities during the academic year. Career fairs, guest lectures, workshops, and cultural festivals are a few of these events. Through these events, students may celebrate diversity, network with experts, and learn about the industry.


The University of Europe for Applied Sciences offers beneficial internship programs that enable students to obtain real-world experience in the topics they are interested in.

Job Placement Assistance

The career services staff assists students in connecting with potential employers and navigating the employment market by providing job placement support.

Networking Opportunities

To assist students in growing their professional networks and establishing connections with people in the industry, the university hosts a variety of networking events and workshops.



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