Terms and Conditions

The Student is desirous of getting admission to any suitable University/College in ____________________(Name of the Country) to pursue a full-time Program of his choice as per the Annexure -I.

The Student has taken or will take all the applicable tests namely IELTS,GRE, GMAT or SAT® (hereinafter referred to as Test1) and TOEFL® (hereinafter referred to as Test2) conducted by the respective testing body or through its authorised agents in India and has scored or will score at least the minimum score to qualify for guaranteed admission to the said University.

In addition to the above tests the Student will also take any test as typically prescribed by and specific to a University where he/she is seeking admission.

Vidya.Com in consultation with the Student, will select 1 to 3 Universities/Colleges (hereinafter collectively referred to as Institutions) for the Student based on the course desired, the academic performance, agreed minimum Test1 and Test2 scores, the budget and location preferences of the Student.

Vidya.Com guarantees admission to the Student, to at least one of the Institutions, provided the Student meets the admission criteria of the Institutions, complies with the Test1 and Test2 score requirements, submits all documents listed in Annexure -II.

The above-mentioned guarantee is solely on the conditions and criteria met by the Students as applicable to the Institutions. Failure to get admission due to any of the criteria not met by the Student will absolve Vidya.com of all liabilities pecuniary or otherwise. The Student acknowledges and warrants that in such conditions wherein the failure to get admission is due to any reason attributable to the Student then the Student himself/herself will take the onus for the same and not demand any kind of relief or initiate any legal actions either civil or criminal.

Vidya.com’s Responsibilities:

Vidya.com shall make arrangements to get the application forms of the Institutions.

Vidya.com will assist the Student in filling-up application forms and all the other documentation.

Vidya.com will forward the completed applications and all other documents to the Institutions, through its own channels and partners.

Vidya.com/Foundation will undertake all correspondence with the Institutions, till the receipt of the result/admission letter/confirmation letter from the Institutions.

Vidya.com, through its partners, will assist the Student in obtaining financial aid from the Institutions based purely on Student’s merit, Test1 and Test2 scores and the availability of funds in the Institutions, for the semester applied. However, SCHOLARSHIPS ARE NOT GUARANTEED.

Vidya.com will hand over to the Student all the admission letters and forms received at its office in the Student’s name.

Vidya.com will guide the Student in Web appointment, fees payment and documentation for Visa and any other ancillary assistance required to get admission and travel to the University.

Student’s Responsibilities:

The Student shall fill up the International Application Form along with separate declaration forms and any other relevant documents, as needed, in favour of Vidya.com authorising it to keep in touch with the Institutions in order to secure admission and negotiate for financial aid on Student’s behalf.

The Student shall organise, at Student’s own expense, to fulfil the requirements of the Test1 and Test2 and forward the scores to the Institutions, directly or through Vidya.com, as applicable, well before the deadlines of the selected Institutions. A copy of the score shall be submitted to Vidya.com for follow up.

The Student shall arrange to get, at Student’s own expense, the Dollar/Euro/Foreign Currency Demand Drafts in favour of the Institutions towards the cost of application processing fees payable to the Institutions or else pay the said fees directly to the Institutions through online mode.

The Student shall get, at Student’s own expense, all the Documents as given in Annexure- II and submit them along with the duly filled-in application forms, at least fifteen (15) days before the deadlines of the selected Institutions.

The Student shall, for speedy communication, state in all application forms, the mailing address, the telephone nos. and email-ids as given below.

The student will finish the “Profile Completion” section and upload/provide all the necessary documents within the specified number of days mentioned in Login/Welcome mail and it should never exceed more than 30 days. In case it needs to extend beyond the number of days mentioned in Login/Welcome mail or 30 days, due to extraneous reason/s beyond the control of the student like the student is waiting for the final semester exams to be completed or preparing to take the IELTS test, then the student should notify his/her Vidya.com counsellor so that the process can be put in hold for that period of time (Assuming without the results of the pending tests, the application process of the student to the selected college, cannot be started). Other than the preceding reason if the student fails to complete the profile within the specified number of days, his/her “Profile Completion” will be put on backlog by his/her Vidya.com counsellor. The student may be liable for the paying the charges for the time and help the Vidya.com counsellor has provided to him/her upto that period.

After the Vidya.com counsellor has provided the student with choice of Universities/Colleges and Courses, it is the responsibility of the student to respond back with his/her final selection within 3 days. Failure to do so won’t guarantee the student the availability of those choices. The student may be liable for paying the charges for the time and help the Vidya.com counsellor has provided to him/her upto that period.

If at any point the student decides to not go forward with the admission process after the Universities/Colleges and Courses based on his preference has been provided by the Vidya.com counsellor, the student will be liable for paying the charges for the time and help the Vidya.com counsellor has provided to him/her upto that period. Failure to respond by the student at this stage is open to legal action to recover the charges by going to the court of law or a collection agency. This may negatively affect the credit history of the student and in securing loans.


Any correspondence made by the student directly with the Institutions with regard to admissions will be deemed to be a violation of this terms and conditions by the Student and Vidya.com shall not be responsible for the rejection of admission by those Institutions.

Vidya.com shall not be responsible for the rejection of any application due to delay in receipt or non-receipt of the Test1 and/or Test2 Scores by the Institutions.

Vidya.com shall not be responsible for the rejection of Visa for any reason whatsoever.

Vidya.com’s responsibility is only to provide consultancy, assistance to get admission in the Institution and Visa. If the Student gets rejected at any stage of admission or in Visa Process then Vidya.com will nowhere be responsible for such rejection or failure to obtain Visa.

Payment Terms:

The payment that is to be made by a Student to the Institution will be done directly to the University/Institution and Vidya.com takes no responsibility for such payment or refund, if any. Vidya.com charges fee only for the services and consultancy which is provided by it and the Student agrees to pay such fees in as applicable:


{Registration Fee, Consultancy Fees, Visa Processing Fees, Ancillary Fees}



All payments should be made through Cash/Demand Draft/Cheque in favour of Vidya.com Consultancy Private Limited payable at Kolkata. Payment by cheque is subject to realisation.

Refund Policy:

Your refund will be done within 30 days.  


This Agreement is governed by the Indian Law and the writ and jurisdiction of the courts in India.


This agreement gets automatically terminated on its own by the happening of the any of these events;

Handing over the Admission letter to the Student by Vidya.com;

Rejection of Student’s admission to the University due to a reason that criteria is not met *

When the Student decides not to pursue his admission anymore and communicates that to Vidya.com; and *

When either Party decides to terminate this Agreement voluntarily.

* The student will be liable for paying the charges for the time and help the Vidya.com counsellor has provided to him/her upto that period.


By signing this agreement, the Student or Representative acknowledges to have read and understood the terms, conditions and obligations set forth in this agreement and agrees to abide by the same.

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