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I’m an international coach and started my study abroad consultancy 12 years back.

I’ve crossed +10k followers on Facebook and I’ve made several lakhs a month just by helping students get admission into their dream university.

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How to Become A Study Abroad Consultant from Scratch and Establish Yourself as an Expert

I’ll teach you the exact strategies, industry insights, and methods to launch your study abroad consulting career without stumbling, without uncertainty, and without feeling lost.

Earn money from your passion and build a stable source of revenue that will completely change your life! (Just like it did for me)

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My name is Ajanta Sinha Roy

Here’s a glimpse of my journey.

I began as an aspiring study abroad consultant, unsure and seeking direction.

But within a short time, I’ve successfully guided numerous students, created a thriving consultancy, and built a reputable brand in the industry.

Although when I started, I had questions, uncertainties, and a lack of guidance…

I quickly gained the expertise and direction needed to guide students effectively and build a successful consultancy.

And guess what… I NEVER struggled alone.

This somehow surprises many newcomers in the field.

Because when you’re starting, you’re often unsure where to begin and how to build a skill and start earning.

❌ No more struggling in the dark or feeling lost in this vast industry!

❌ No more questioning where to start or how to attract students!

❌ No more fumbling through uncertainties or feeling overwhelmed by the competition!

Instead, join me in this workshop and get a clear roadmap that’ll quick start your career as a study abroad consultant.

Here are the main points of this workshop:

  • You’ll discover the ins and outs of the study abroad consultant career.
  • You’ll build skills to help aspiring students.
  • You’ll acquire practical strategies to attract and retain a steady stream of students.(who will pay you for your service.
  • You’ll create a steady source of revenue which will not only change your lifestyle, but also elevate the lives of your family members with the financial freedom that you’ll gain.

By the end of this workshop, you’ll have the clarity, tools, and strategies to kickstart your study abroad business and earn up to 1 Lakh per month!

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