How To Get a Global Korea Scholarship?

The South Korean government offers the Global Korea Scholarship programme to foreign students. To get Global Korea Scholarship, first verify your eligibility and select a university that offers your preferred course. Then submit the university application followed by NIIED application What is GKS?  An initiative of the South Korean government known as the Global Korea […]

What Is Apostille Attestation? 

What Does Apostille Mean? The legitimacy of the signature, seal, and status of a particular official who has executed, issued, or certified a copy of a public document is confirmed by an apostille. An apostille allows a public document issued in one nation to be accepted as genuine in another. Consider it to be a […]

English Proficiency Test Guide

English Proficiency Test Guide

What Is English Proficiency Test? English proficiency tests are standardized assessments taken to assess the language skills of a person. These tests are commonly used by employers, universities, or organizations who recruit students with strong English proficiency. Types Of English Proficiency Tests 1. IELTS  IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System. It is the […]