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Why you choose Australia?

Australia is one of the best country for international students for international study among all countries in the globe. Australia has given many reasons to prove the statement valid. There are lots of options for international students like Australia has good number of colleges, universities. You can choose whether you will take an admission into a private college or public college. They have opened both of the options. But before you go for further study in Australia you need to know some important facts as well as the name of universities where you can pursue your much waited dream.fo

Why Australia is good for Indian students?

Studying in Australia gives you the opportunity to select from 22,000 courses offered by 1,100 universities and other institutions, earn degrees that are recognized throughout the world, look into different Australian scholarship options, and learn from the top educators in the world.

Some Universities name where you can fulfill your international study dream:

  1. Australian Catholic University
  2. Australian National University
  3. Avondale University
  4. Bond University
  5. Charles Darwin University
  6. Charles Sturt University
  7. CQ University
  8. Curtin University
  9. Deakin University
  10. Edith Cowan University 
  11. Federation University of Australia
  12. Flinders University
  13. Griffith University
  14. James Cook University  
  15. Latrobe University
  16. Macquarie University
  17. Monash University
  18. Murdoch University
  19. Queensland University of Technology
  20. RMIT University
  21. Southern Cross University
  1. Swinburne University of Technology
  2. Torrens University Australia
  3. University of Adelaide
  4. University of Canberra
  5. University of Divinity
  6. University of Melbourne
  7. University of New England
  8. University of New South Wales
  9. University of Newcastle  
  10. University of Notre Dame Australia
  11. University of Queensland
  12. University of South Australia
  13. University of Southern Queensland
  14. University of Sydney
  15. University of Tasmania
  16. University of Technology Sydney
  17. University of the Sunshine Coast
  18. University of Western Australia
  19. University of Wollongong
  20. Victoria University
  21. Western Sydney University

What is the international students’ life in Australia?

Indian students studying in Australia frequently report living a vibrant, multicultural student life. Indian students in Australia experience the following elements of student life during their international study:

Academic Environment: Research and education at Australian institutions are of the highest caliber. Indian students can anticipate a wide choice of courses, cutting-edge instructional strategies, and contemporary facilities.

Multiculturalism: Universities in Australia are diverse reflections of the multicultural nature of the country. Indian students will come into contact with people from a variety of cultural backgrounds, which can result in meaningful cross-cultural interactions and the chance to form international friendships.

Student Support Services: Australian universities provide overseas students with full range of support services, including academic guidance, health care, counseling, and help with housing and visa-related issues.

Part-time Work Opportunities: Many Indian students choose to work part-time while studying in Australia to gain work experience and supplement their income. Australia has a favorable work-study balance, allowing students to work up to 40 hours per fortnight during the academic year and full-time during scheduled breaks.

Lifestyle and Recreation: There are many options for leisure and recreation in Australia, which provides a good standard of living. When they take a break from their studies, Indian students can visit stunning natural areas, beaches, national parks, and energetic cities.

Cultural Integration: Indian students studying in Australia have the chance to stay connected to their Indian roots while simultaneously being fully immersed in Australian culture. Students can celebrate holidays and customs from home at many institutions through cultural groups and events.

Safety and Well-Being: Students from outside are known to find Australia to be a safe and friendly country. To guarantee the protection of every student, Australian government rules are rigorous and universities employ specialized safety services.

For Indian students, studying in Australia may be a life-changing experience that offers not just academic achievement but also chances for personal development, cultural exchange, and making lifetime friends.

For Indian students, the application procedure to study in Australia usually consists of the following steps:

Investigate and Select a Course: Look at Australian universities and courses to see which best suits your financial situation, professional aspirations, and academic interests. Take into account elements like course content, location, reputation, and scholarships that are offered.

Examine the Requirements for Admission: Go over the prerequisites for the course and university you have selected. These could include your academic background, your level of English language ability (which is typically assessed using exams like the TOEFL or IELTS), and any further requirements unique to the program you’ve selected.

Prepare the Required Documents: Assemble all the paperwork needed for your application, such as a valid passport, a statement of purpose (SOP), recommendation letters, a résumé or curriculum vitae (CV), academic transcripts, degree certificates, and results from English language tests.

Send Your Application: Use the official Australian government website for overseas students (Study in Australia) or apply directly through the online application portals of the Australian universities of your choosing. Don’t forget to pay the application costs and submit the necessary paperwork.

Get Offer Letter: In the event that your application is accepted, the university will send you an offer letter detailing the specifics of your admission, such as the course, start date, cost of tuition, and any requirements you must fulfill (like submitting documentation of your English language proficiency or making a deposit).

Accept Offer and File for Visa: As soon as you receive an admissions offer, go with the university’s instructions to accept it. After that, you’ll need to apply to the Australian Department of Home Affairs for a student visa (subclass 500). Get ready with all the necessary paperwork, such as your university’s Confirmation of Enrollment (COE), proof of finances, health insurance, and passport pictures.

Check out Pre-departure Orientation: To assist overseas students in getting ready for life in Australia, several universities offer pre-departure orientation workshops or online resources. Attend these events to find out about vital information such as health services, lodging possibilities, and visa requirements.

Australia travel: After obtaining your student visa, book your flight to Australia. To ensure a smooth transition, make advance plans for your arrival and lodging. You should also think about going to any university-sponsored orientation programs.

 Start Studying: Follow the academic calendar and attend any required university-organized orientation events as soon as you arrive in Australia.
To guarantee a seamless transition to studying in Australia, it is crucial to pay close attention to all directions given by the institutions and immigration authorities throughout the application process. To further assist you in navigating the process, think about consulting education consultants or alumni who have studied in Australia.

OSHC (Overseas Student Health Cover)

International students studying in Australia on a student visa are required to have Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC), a type of health insurance. The purpose of OSHC is to offer hospital and medical insurance to foreign students studying in Australia, especially those from India. It is mandatory to have Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) during the study period.

Accommodation facilities in Australia for international students:

In Australia, they have some facilities for staying students who are coming for their study. Options are mentioned below:

  1. Rented apartments
  2. Purpose – built student accommodation
  3. Short term accommodation
  4. University Managed accommodation
  5. Residential college

Home stay  In Australia, a weekly stay might cost anywhere from 230 to 610 AUD (12,654 to 33,561 INR) approximately in a solitary apartment private room. In Australia, a private room typically costs between $249 and $449 AUD per week approximately. In Australia, a shared room typically costs between 230 and 399 AUD per week approximately.